Running Shoes - ADIDAS CLIMACOOL VENT M 2018 Evaluation

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As a topic of breathability, we definitely recommend a pair of "Breeze" running shoes, so we immediately brought this new Adidas CLIMACOOL VENT M. If you remember the last generation of summer 2017, when you see this pair, you will feel very close. In terms of appearance, the previous version has eliminated the airside design of the "three bars" on the sides, but in this new version, we see that the "Breeze" system is upgraded again and the "three bars" are returned. This must be a boon to the Logo Controller.







As a model of mesh ventilation, air flow is poured into the feet in addition to the three-dimensional mesh of the upper. The most attractive aspect of the "Breeze" system is the 360-degree breathless design, which means that in addition to the upper, the midsole, various possible positions such as side, outsole and insole have been hollowed out. If you do not always believe that a pair of shoes can make the running feet feel the air flow, then putting on the Adidas CLIMACOOL VENT M will make this wish possible, and it will be in a very cool state, time.












Although breathability was considered to be all of the Adidas CLIMACOOL VENT M, the Bounce midsole gave us a reliable foot feel during the running test. As another well-known buffering technology other than BOOST, Bounce gives me more real feelings and is very satisfying in terms of acceptability and durability. In the step-by-step rebound, with the fans' "wind feeling", no matter how hot the summer heat, they remind everyone to be careful in the winter.







Although at the beginning of the project, the author wrote contrasts, if only air permeability, then Adidas CLIMACOOL VENT M must be the best, after all, the past ten years ago, "Breeze" system has been toward the pinnacle of breathability. Of course, this does not affect everyone's judgment and choice of other breathable running shoes, because each runner's needs are not the same, the performance of the performance is not the same, so pick a pair of running shoes is the most important






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