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Adidas PureBoost series has always been called small coconut. Its stylish appearance is also an important reason for its popularity. Last year it was already PureBoost 2017. How about this pair of shoes? Today, I took this pair of Adidas PureBoost 2017 to walk and measured it. Interested shoe lovers may wish to go and see.



How Adidas PureBoost 2017



Primeknit uppers are also equipped with a new upper texture and three dark lines to show the human nature, adaptive foot knit uppers, mesh outsole, more flexible and comfortable touch.



It not only learns YEEZY BOOST's folding tongue and innovative shoelace design, adapts to different foot shapes and relieves stress. More equipped with "dynamic heel system" to provide excellent upper support. Whether it is a sense of foot or design, it is attractive enough.




Adidas PureBoost 2017 Ratings



  • buffer



The traditional Adidas has a full palm boost and comfortable feet. It uses the same full-boost Boost as UB, which is about the same thickness as UB, so the rally caused by walking is in place.






  • protection​



Primeknit vamps must be familiar to everyone. Let's talk about the three-bar design of the PB upper. It is not embroidered and is not too hot, but it is incorporated into it and mixes directly with the PK upper. This retractable tongue is very suitable for the high instep.






  • Wear-resistant



Outsole material is general, no horse, wear resistance of course, in general, but this is also a common problem of BOOST shoes, super cushioning performance, but the wear resistance has not yet been able to solve perfectly, this is the biggest regret this time. a pair of shoes.






  • standby



This pair of PureBoost is more than enough for casual running shoes, but due to lack of support and wear, long-distance running is not enough, so don't wear it for a long time.






  1. Is Adidas PureBoost 2017 worth buying?



PureBoost 2017 no insole, feel loose, the arch is very strange, but acceptable, soft soles do have so cool


The overall appearance of the 2017 model has changed. As casual shoes, this feeling is enough. In general, this is worth buying.



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