Light Tank - 2018 Adidas Harden Vol.2 Actual Evaluation

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In the past two seasons, the performance of James Harden, the "big beard", is obvious to all, and even many fans who love him have laughed that Harden has locked the MVP award in advance. The signature boots under his feet have also been replaced by Adidas Harden Vol.2. Will this new pair of shoes bring you more powerful combat performance?








Seamless fit, tightly locked feet




Harden Vol.2 has adopted the design of the middle gang. The overall height is moderate, with both agile flexibility and stable protection. The most intuitive feeling after the upper foot is that the personalized shoelace system makes the sides of the shoe body very tight, and can be matched with the inner boot to provide excellent wrapping and firmly lock the feet, effectively avoiding the foot in the shoe The sliding phenomenon inside. This design is more suitable for the flexibility of the demand for ankle, and also hopes that the shoes can provide friends with ankle protection.




The unique TPU coating yarn design of FORGEFIBER is very supportive, and it is also satisfied with the large area of the breathable upper that stabilizes the effect and meets the actual requirements of refreshing and comfortable.








Strong cushioning, extremely responsive




Although the cushioning technology of the Adidas Harden Vol.2 midsole is a continuation of the overall BOOST technology configuration, it has undergone a very significant upgrade in thickness. I believe that all fans have had more or less experience with BOOST technology, and the cushioning effect after thickening is even more "awkward."









At the same time, the feedback effect of the midsole is still very obvious. A sensitive response, the rebound in the time, let the gorgeous "European step" extraordinary neat. The balance between the overall weight and the flexibility of sports is achieved in shoes, and the sense of strong cushioning and quick start can be felt during the wearing experience.









Each step can feel the multi-directional traction caused by the outsole. This effect is derived from the outsole pattern of irregular geometric patterns. Good anti-skid performance can protect the players who are good at breakthrough. Even if you often play in the outer field of cement or rubber, the abrasion resistance of the outsole will not worry you.





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