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Yeezy 700 Boost this new retro shoes has become the most popular hot products in the Yeezy family. Let's take a look at these two retro shoes with Boost support. What surprises are there?







The complex shape of the shoe body is made of various materials. When I first saw it, I thought it was very similar to an orca.








Using fur, breathable mesh, 3M leather and 3M reflective material to create a joint, not only the texture is extremely rich, 3M hidden in the shoe and toe, heel, midsole everywhere, hidden in a low light environment surprises.








The liner is made of breathable mesh fabric to optimize breathability, proper sponge filling enhances the soft packaging, and the internal YEEZY embossed lettering has unique details.







The water droplets on the back of the upper insole are very eye-catching. They are exactly the same as Adidas classic running shoes. The Adidas EQT solution creates retro and sci-fi visual effects.







EVA's unique midsole profile incorporates Boost cushioning technology throughout the palm of the hand. A single midsole cloth can be used to pull out the insole, while Boost's soft bullets are clearly visible on the thighs. The sole consists of three parts, black rubber built-in BOOST has been wrapped in BOOST part is EVA material, super good feet!








The body of the shoe is smooth and there is no deviation in size. Personally, think that 700 is better than Balenciaga. It is retro and cute on the feet. It is also better to wear, the most important is the high degree of comfort! In short, great satisfaction





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