Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 - In-depth rating, you deserve

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The Adidas Crazy Light series of shoes has always had a good reputation and was accepted by more and more basketball enthusiasts. Today, this series of shoes has launched a new Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018, still a solid and solid design. Let us in this evaluation experience what the Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 has what kind of expression.








  • New experience



The appearance of the shoes adopts the low-cut design concept, and the breathable fabric upper is very cool and comfortable to wear. The special lacing system design can help lace up the lacing better. This is actually very important, which improves the overall feeling of wrapping of the sneakers and prevents the feet from shaking and slipping inside the sneakers during the intense movement.



Cylindrical laces are not easy to fall off after being fastened and do not affect your good mood because of frequent tying. The design of the TPU coating around the shoelace hole extends the life of the shoe and reduces wear around the shoelace hole after prolonged use. A TPU stabilizing device is mounted on the heel of the shoe. This design can make the shoe more stable and enhance the support of the heel, allowing the player to better invest in the fierce competition.









  • Sensitive rebound




The midsole cushioning technology of this pair of shoes is equipped with the classic Boost cushioning technology. Compared with other basketball shoes of the previous Boost technology, the overall feeling of the pair of Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 is softer and has obvious Elasticity, this kind of foot feeling is really amazing. In the warm-up phase of the running and jumping process, the rebound of the midsole of the sneakers has a good performance.




The kind of “Q bomb” feeling is believed to give a lot of points to this pair of shoes. In the actual evaluation process, when the real strength breakthroughs, the feedback from the midsole is very strong and powerful. The kind of sensitive rebound ability that players who like to break through will be very enjoyable.








  • Soft cushioning​

       Comprehensive protection




At the moment of rebounding, the Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018's softer Boost technology can provide soft and comfortable cushioning rebound, protect important joints such as knees, and avoid more impact. The outer side of the front end of the midsole adds a rubber edging design, making the key parts of the sneaker wear more wear-resistant and enhance the overall durability. In the current basketball game, when the player changes direction at a high speed, the front end of the midsole of the shoes even needs to frequently rub against the floor, and the midsole rubber edging design can be more wear-resistant, and at the same time, the soft boost material in the midsole is also protected to avoid damage.





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