Adidas Ball 365 X 2018- Actual Test - Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Today I will take everyone to test Adidas ball 365 X.




Adidas Ball 365 X Actual Assessment



In recent years, super high shoes are not strange to us, but Adi's sports shoes seem to use more than the height of the ankle for the first time.








The Adidas ball 365 X's shoe cover is made of a flexible material filled with a small amount of foam. Double-sided guidance can be buckled in the buckle on the heel of the sneaker. And in front of the shoe cover, there is a black hook, hooked on the upper tie line.








Since the elasticity of the shoe cover is usually bent at the outermost side without pressure, the buckle of the shoe cover is much reserved. 








After all, it has exceeded 30 degrees and we will temporarily take off the shoe covers.




Without shoe covers, the Adidas ball 365 X's intensive shoelace system is displayed in front of everyone. It can be said that super shoes and real shoes make the Adidas ball 365 X look more like a pair of colorful hiking shoes.




The color between orange and pink is also unique, and the fancy soles make these shoes cool









The unique design of the Adidas ball 365 X's tongue allows it to be placed on the outside, enveloping the sides of the upper, completely opposite to the traditional tongue.



First of all, the material of the upper is not very hard, and secondly, there is a net facing the outer edge at the edge of the upper, and the outer tongue is also full of firmness, and the tightness of the lace has no oppressive feeling on the instep.







The Adidas ball 365 X strap system is divided into two parts.



The first is the lower half, where the nylon rope passes through the upper and forms the hole through which the lace passes. Both shoelaces pass through








Both sides of the toe cap body are provided with hollow uppers on both sides and a mesh cloth on the inner side. The ventilation effect is very good.








The hollow appearance of the upper is like black stripes and the surface is covered with fibers. It looks like a high-end atmosphere.


After deviating from the mechanical rebound, Adi named the new double-density elastic cushioning material Bounce.








Specifically, the bouncing effect of the Adidas ball 365 X does not have strong hi-sound behind it, but it will have strong feedback when it is under great pressure, and it will be very layered and very soft after landing. There will be no lift up feeling too soft





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